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Description of Cuban magic mushroom

Cuban magic mushroom
Cuban magic mushroom

Cuban magic mushrooms is  a variety originates from Cuba. This psilocybin containing strain is one of the earliest discovered Psilocybe Cubensis.  Known for their cigars, Cuban mushrooms should have the reputation!

After 10-30 minutes of consuming Cuban shrooms you will feel your mood enhanced with euphoria and excitement. Depending on dosage you will experience mild to intense visual enhancements. Things may seem like they are breathing, the nature around you will feel more alive and you will find yourself in introspective thought. Music and art will look and feel different and you will have a higher appreciation and you may relate the music or art to yourself on a more personal level. Cuban mushrooms for sale

This magic mushroom gets its name from its origin. It’s a small plant. Nonetheless, potent. Cuban came into existence in the 1900s. Cuban Cubensis shrooms are the truest Cubensis that has come to be known. It’s royalty in the psychedelics’ world. It offers powerful effects despite its small size. Cuban mushrooms are a hallucinogen that has been in use for years. Cuban alters with the mind of the consumer.

Cuban Shrooms are wrinkly, small with orangey-brown top-cap. Slender, curvy stems hold the caps. Additionally, you do not want to assume it, even though small. Cuban offers strong effects. It’s important to know that people’s bodies are different. How you may respond to its psilocybin depends on your emotional state and surroundings.

Newbies should select a comfortable and safe dose. Also, they should take Cuban Shrooms in known places. Further, choosing a driver or a companion is a good idea. After consuming, effects creep in between 15 to 40 minutes. These effects last up to 6 hours. This lasting is due to certain factors like individual and dose taken.

Just like any mushroom, Cuban mushrooms cause the “the mushroom yawns.” This effect increases as the peak begins. However, the body stays energetic, not tired. Regardless, you should expect various feelings and results.

Also, you get mystical, uplifting, and euphoric to mind-altering effects.

Consuming doses above 2 grams cause visual warping and time distortion. Cuban is vital in the medical field as it eases both mental and physical ailments. You can also take Cuban Magic mushroom in the form of capsulesedibles, and you can chew and swallow it.

Cuban magic mushroom
Cuban magic mushroom

Cuban Shrooms stems are skinny. Further, its caps are small with orange-brown colour. Though small, they are potent. Due to its deep history, in the psychedelics’ world, it’s known as a royalty. It has a starchy taste and smell.

Effects of Cuban magic mushroom 

Cuban Mushrooms effects kick in after 10 to 30 minutes. These effects last up to 6 hours. This time depends on the person and the dose you take. As the peak begins, the body gets energetic. However, you don’t get tired. Also, this Cuban Shroom enhances your mood with happiness and euphoria. Depending on the dose, you get intense or mild visual enhancement. Further, you may see nature feeling alive, and things around you seem to be breathing. Users also undergo logical thoughts.

Lastly, art and music will feel different, making you get a higher liking for them. Thus, making you relate to art and music on a personal level. Taking 0.5-1.5 grams of Cuban Magic Mushroom leaves you with 3-6 hours of pure bliss trip; To have sound effects, don’t take more than your body can handle. However, positive empathy feelings and the ability to connect last longer.

Grow Information of Cuban magic mushroom

Growing Cuban Magic Mushroom is relatively simple. Personal-scale growing ranges from simple to small-scale. Using “cake” and Tek methods produces few mushrooms. Also, growers can utilize more advanced approaches. These professional methods require more time. More so, growers must put knowledge and money too. However, the cultivator gets more yields and consistent harvest.

Medical Use of Cuban magic mushroom

Cuban mushrooms have many medical benefits, from physical to mental. Patients suffering from depression and anxiety get help from using the Cuban Cubensis Shroom. Drug addicts benefit as it helps them fight addiction. They experience calm and comfortable mental conditions. Psilocybin compounds found in Cuban assist patients to boost their mental disorders. Besides, patients dealing with tobacco smoking, alcohol, and drug addiction benefit too. It works by helping them calm the mind, stopping desires associated with their addiction. It relieves headaches too.

 Side Effects of Cuban magic mushroom

This Cuban Shroom, despite small, packs strong effects. Users should have discipline when consuming it. Doses exceeding 2 grams lead to side effects. Users report having vision blurriness, seeing and hearing things that are not there. In that, objects, sounds, and colours seem different. Taking fluids during outdoor activities ensures the body stays hydrated. Sipping ginger honey tea eases cases of nausea, which may come-up.

Nonetheless, pregnant mothers should not use this strain. Avoid mixing Cuban Cubensis with alcohol mostly or other drugs. If mixed, it leads to health risks.


Cuban magic mushroom
Cuban magic mushroom

Despite this Cuban Shrooms being small, it’s potent. Its little look should not fool you. Users should smoke the right dose, not more than 2 grams, as it causes strong effects. Luckily, Cuban Cubensis does not lead to users depending on it. Users often build up a tolerance. It’s been in use for ending addiction. Growing this plant is easy for beginners. Using new methods increases yields. Cuban mushrooms are readily available for online sales. Shipping is also available.

Come shop at Buy Shrooms Online and select from the highest quality magic mushrooms . We carry a wide range of psilocybin based products such as dried shroomsshroom chocolateshroom pillsshroom gummies, and more!

782 reviews for Cuban Magic Mushroom

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